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Is A Spiritual Practice Necessary?

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

Having had the sense that there is more to life than just this body

and a deep sense of spirituality it has always been alien to me to see those who have not got that in their lives.

A yoga practice which is not rooted in that which yoga had been designed for is simply exercise or movement of some kind.

I increasingly meet people who struggle with their mental activites and emotions and more often than not reveals an absence of a spiritual aspect in their life.

For some time now I have questioned the relevance of how important it is to have a spiritual practice in ones life. I had no idea because everyone is different and there are almost endless ways to reach the True Self.

These days I feel that a spiritual practice of any kind, with form or without, is vital to first establish a settled mind before a deeper rooting in something that is beyond words and thoughts can reveal itself.


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