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Life is a Game (or Life is like a Game)

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

Imagine the following....:

Imagine the world as a game that you are about to enter as a player.

Before entering the game you, the player, is free of everything and have total Knowledge of everything, unconfined to space and time, You are eternal. You know the objective of the game is to realise or remember that you are All-Knowing.

The game that you are about to play has been given certain parameters, like thoughts, emotions, memory, the law of nature and so on. Before playing you know that nothing and nobody actually affects you and you cannot affect anything around you but to make the game more interesting and challenging once you enter it all that you Know will be forgotten. So all ‘appears’ to affect you. Each player has his or her own plan to reach the goal and often we find ourselves in circumstances that perhaps are very challenging at times but this is due to the players choice. This all adds to make the game appear as confusing as possible. In some ways you could say that it’s testing your diligence and dedication to

remember the Truth but in Truth non of it is actually happening. We are all single players in a game that appears to be a multi player game. We are all blaming, judging, loving and criticizing others. When we stop doing that and look at ourselves we can actually see that we are the builder of our own world.


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