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What Is Letting Go?

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

Letting Go is a temporary release that can occur in either the mind or the body but affect both simultaneously or in other words when something releases in the body it also releases in the mind.

It can happen spontaneously and is most commonly associated with yoga but it is also an aspect talked about in other traditions.

When the letting go happens it often has a very deep effect on the individual, is very insightful and l

eaves an immediate imprint in ones memory. However what happens after that event is very interesting and if not pointed out it's not seen...Letting Go then becomes a technique or a practice. It is being used as an instruction to let go of 'stuff' no longer wanted or therefore disliked in ones life. 'Stuff' that i

s seen as annoying and keeps happening and then letting go becomes a mental repetition like a mantra...'I must let go of this' etc. We look at aspects of our life that we are dissatisfied with or feel pain and tell 'it' to let go....but that then no longer works because the mind it trying to reproduce the effect experienced from that event when it occurred naturally and spontaneously when temporarily no wish of 'trying to get rid of stuff' was involved. The first reaction to anything that we are not happy with is rejection, interestingly enough not many consider integration and when suggested it is not seen as normal. Letting go is then used to get rid of anything unwanted.

The true letting go happens when all that we reject or wish was different is totally integrated as part of our manifestation.


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