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Welcome to Stephan Trefzer
Rehabilitation Therapy


I am a qualified and experienced yoga teacher, injury and trauma therapist with over 25 years experience. I offer tailored therapy session from deep tissue sports massage, injury treatments with rehab plans as well as trauma release work based on Cranio-Sacral therapy which works on the physical mental and emotional levels.

I offer private yoga sessions for those keen to deepen their understanding in how to bring more harmony into your life both in the body as well as the mind and your whole being. I can also offer guidance in pranayama (breathing practices), meditation and mind management (Raja Yoga).

"Yoga believes in transforming the individual before transforming the world. Whatever change we want to happen outside should happen within. If you walk in peace and express that peace in your very life, others will see you and learn something." - Sri Swami Satchidananda


Movement, Awareness, Meditation and Everything in Between

“The process of discovering Peace is a process of inclusion.”


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